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Niid Language Lessons
If you have an interest for understanding a fictional language inside and out, this document can help you show how such a language can be used and spoken. You can soon learn how to speak it too if you wish. It will go threw some common updates and expansions so please tune in every now and then. Thank you.
(updates at another time)
Niid Vowels
A is pronounced like father
E is pronounced like met, set
EE is pronounced like eat, seat
I is pronounced like sit, fit
O is pronounced like horse, north
OO is pronounced like note. wrote
UU is pronounced like loot, cute
Niid Diphthongs
AA is pronounced like ate, rate
II is pronounced like night, right
Niid Consonants
B, D, G, H, J, K, L, M, N, S, T, V, W and Z  is pronounced like English consonants
BH, DH, GH, KH, MH, NH and VH is pronounced with the intial consonant followed by a [j] sound (canyon and cute is an example of NH and KH)
HH is pronounced like [j] (yet, met)
LL is pronounced like the l
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History: Weldon
Weldon and the Satyrs
--Part I--
Located in the deepest realms of the forests in Omare, lives the wise earth demons of the Satyrs, pictured as half human half goat like creatures. In the earliest of times, Satyrs were to be known for their spirited and timid nature. They lay secret from humanity like all earth demons were to lie. In their peaceful era, Satyrs supported the wild life of their surroundings, feeding the forests and cared for the vegetation, as it offered homes for their kind. They believe that in the west lies a lush tropical paradise in the country of Vectus, a place they were never able to find.
It was however that the Satyrs changed from the effects of a deforestation crisis in the county of Omare, and the Satyr’s forced to flee from the destruction of their homes. Each passing day, the forests grew smaller, and more Satyrs were pushed back into whatever they had left. If the forests were to disappear, their race would be exposed to human kind. The Satyr’s pe
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History: Blu
Blu or Beldicoj
--PART I--
Insanity, craziness or madness is a spectrum of behaviors characterized by certain abnormal mental or behavioral patterns. Insanity may manifest as violations of societal norms, including becoming a danger to themselves and others, though not all such acts are considered insanity. Beldicoj is titled as the demon god of madness, trickery, and knowledge, and also bared other titles such as the whimsical god, the capricious god, or the chaotic god. He was one of the nine initial demons to exist since the earliest of the Underworld. Beldicoj was one of the first to commit an act of unrighteousness in the eyes of every underling to which lead to banishment from the Underworld completely. In previous times though, Beldicoj has no cemented form but various forms. His truest and common form is that of a beastly figure with a bluish pigment, something he finds that symbolizes no control.  His actions will generally appear mischievous, foolish, or utterly ins
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History: Vandro
Vandro and Denaidween
---PART I---
Vandro Rugosa began his dream as a Village Guardian ever since he was at the age of seven. During that time he lived in the sound village of Denaidween located in Vectus. The village was targeted by opposing villages for its rich lands and calm climate. Each day the opposite villages focused on raiding their home but failed numerous times as the village’s guardians were highly trained and merciless. Vandro’s father, Snow Rugosa, was one of those guardians who slayed the people who oppose their home. Vandro looked up to his father and wanted to be just like him. He not only wanted to keep his home safe but have the access to murder, however Snow taught him that there’s more to just a guardian than just brutally killing someone. You have to understand that you are doing this to protect the ones you love and that it’s your job to keep everyone safe. Vandro took his words in mind but still wanted to kill. It was at the age of ten that
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History: Violet and Teddy
Violet and Teddy
--PART I---
The story takes place around a young and very innocent girl who meets the most of unlikely people. Where she lived was a cottage near a beautiful lake. This paradise however was crawling with bandits and robbers which left the place very dangerous. Violet Bale is only five years old and lived a peaceful life inside of her warm home. Her father keeps her inside at all times and makes sure he escorts her if she wants to leave to a nearby friend’s house. On a certain day however she crosses paths with something unusual. On a sunny day, Violet was stuck inside the house while her father made a quick trip. Her boredom led to her attention of a small squirrel crawling outside. She decided to greet the little critter and soon enough she began to follow the little fellow around on a far trail. She took in the outdoors and bathed in its beauty and continued to follow the squirrel till it climbed a tree. Violet kept on looking to see if it would come down but sh
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History: Sefid
Sefid and the Insects
--PART I--
The story first started to where Sefid was raised. He as a child was gifted to communicate with insects by emitting certain scents to which directed insect life. As an infant, Sefid lived in an abandoned old house inhabited by insects. He was very young and was left to fend for himself as a baby. His ability however left him with the care of ant colonies that had token the baby as a queen like figure, feeding him and nurturing him. His attention is what kept him safe from certain dangers as he followed the tiny critter who lead him to better locations such as a place to sleep. The house still contained certain foods and nourishment for Sefid to feed. His stomach was also advanced to digest even rotten material. As seasons would pass the insects would craft him a sheet of silk to keep him warm during winter and lead him to water sources for summer. Another thing that Sefid was blessed with was insect-like body parts and organs. He had later grown small a
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History: Caudis and Valoor
Caudis and Valoor
--PART I--
The story began around a life that took a deep plummet down to the pits of hell, and drove a poor innocent soul to do very cruel and unspeakable actions. Caudis Aden was the one chosen to be this person. His life began of a father and mother of the names Naos Aden and Indica Mairus. Both were caring people who wanted to raise a family of their own. Naos worked in the fire department and served in the military for a few years, while Indica worked as a grade school teacher. Their first child came into their lives as their son. A very striking feature about their child left both in shock. His hair was blood red, and so were his eyes. Out from his head were small stubs seen as horns, small wings, and a slender pointed tail. Apparently a demon lay dormant inside Indica’s belly as a formless spirit who waited to be reborn into another vessel. Even though this remained a fact, Naos and Indica kept the child and rejected to any form of cleansing that the publi
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Antagonist: The Colony
The Colony
The Colony is a fictional organization of characters bound to serve Creetures for life. The Creetures are creations of being made by only two existing Creetures founded as the "King and Queen". The group is made up of human kind who accept the gift of the Creeture King, and are given the very essence of a Creeture. The name is derived that the Colony organize Creetures into colonies located across the globe. The Colony have been given existing orders that they must follow threw. These orders became more advanced through future periods forming into missions. The Colony become the main antagonists of the alter, and must seek them out, destroying them one at a time. But the main objective the Colony plans is to eliminate the alters before the Creeture King awakens from his slumber.
Creation and Style
The Colony was created by Jonathon Richey from inspiration of Japanese culture. Each known member receives a Creeture's power creating both their role in the Colony and their perso
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Class: Volcanic Beings
The Volcanic Beings are a proud race as an advanced civilization. Their honor in the element of fire gives them their respect and show of pride. For a race of Creeture, they are very advanced, right below the Drones. Their weapons, their structures, their technology, all consisted as industrial and fire based. Military, big or small, all soldiers wore dense, heavy armor to keep them protected at will. Reaching adulthood is when the Creeture begins to wear its armor. In fact, armor is defined as its honor, meaning being exposed would be considered dishonorable. War became their nature. Their existence was to be efficient at war, rather than just killing. The Creeture King also made an enemy to show how they would balance their knowledge. The Aquatic Beings were made similar, but both were destined to be enemies, yet both were evenly matched. This pleased the King knowing that now he has two sufficient creations to serve him in the war. The weapons consisted of gunpowder, iron, and fire,
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Class: Night Dwellers
Night Dwellers are a species of Creeture that race to become a civilized society. This race practices dark arts, physical strength, and rituals. The Night Dwellers were to resemble humans, but were made to be much more corrupted. Their skin pigment is colorless, normally grey. Commonly colors of hair are either white or black. These traits where to symbolize their dark nature. They were planned to look human so they could infiltrate the humans. But the Creeture King's sick mind acted, creating them to be blood thirsty, powerful, and to spare no human life. The race is a male only species. This reason was to mate with the humans to study their nature, and what makes them soft. In their dark ways the Creeture feels to hide their faces creating a shadowy mask that they modeled into a deceptively beautiful face on each Night Dweller. The Night Dwellers are nocturnal beings, hunting only in the night where their vision is best comprehended. Their names originated from the Flesh Dwellers whi
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Raisa Bio by Creeture-Dictionary Raisa Bio :iconcreeture-dictionary:Creeture-Dictionary 0 0 Chiharu Bio by Creeture-Dictionary Chiharu Bio :iconcreeture-dictionary:Creeture-Dictionary 0 0 Violet Bio by Creeture-Dictionary Violet Bio :iconcreeture-dictionary:Creeture-Dictionary 0 1 Kevin Bio by Creeture-Dictionary Kevin Bio :iconcreeture-dictionary:Creeture-Dictionary 4 1
Class: Flesh Dwellers
The Flesh Dwellers are a race of zombie described Creetures due to their exterior physical and dieting. They are not populated through the Creeture King's methods of "life". They originated from the resurrected beings known as the Living Dead, who govern the inferior of their race. Years when the race was born, their wants and desires changed through time. The Living Dead divided into different tribes to exist in a humanly style. However one tribe consisted of "traitors" who shunned the Living Dead's customs. Seeking life and flesh, they were called the Flesh Dwellers. One of the superiors of the Living Dead, Gandrydis, lead the tribe to their path of righteousness. To obtain flesh, Gandrydis, infected his followers and himself with a strain of viruses having their results unsuccessful. Now they live in tortured lives, carrying disease, contaminating other beings, always driven mad by the endless torture of hunger.
Flesh Dwellers are meat-eating predators, attempting to claim a
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The gallery on the Creeture Dictionary is comprised of text documents that explains all of the story's characters, Creetures, antagonists, worlds, and much more. The site is still early so be sure to visit for more updates.


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The Creeture Dictionary
Personal Quote: If you need information of the Creetures, your in luck.
Niid Dictionary
This journal corresponds with the Niid language document. creeture-dictionary.deviantart…
The listed dictionary content will be changed due to the overall changes to the language.

:bulletred:AFFECTION: melumor
-affectionate: llumor'ast
:bulletred:AGONY: danervin
--agonize: nervin'zin
:bulletred:ALIVE: sdraanim'nazhd
:bulletred:ANIMAL: krrida
:bulletred:ASSIST: abraatus
--assisting: abraatus'naa
-assistance: deabraatus
--assistant: deabraatus'ziin
:bulletred:ATTRACT: seduurs
--attracting: seduurs'naa
-attraction: seduursme
--attractor: seduursme'ziin
-attractive: seduu'taj
:bulletred:AWARE: simile

:bulletred:BABY: hakraadl
-babyish: kraadhik
:bulletred:BEAST: krrida
-beastly: krrid'st
:bulletred:BEAUTY: me'seduurs
-beautiful: seduursu
-beauty (masc): de'seduurs
:bulletred:BEGIN: nkhor
--beginning(v): nkhor'naa
-beginning(n): henkhor
:bulletred:BLEED: krrimzid
:bulletred:BLOOD: krrimzidna

:bulletred:CANINE: kauuniida
-cannibalism: duvhuurda
:bulletred:CONSUME: gorzh
--consuming: gorzh'naa
-consumption: degorzh
--consumer: dagor'ziin

:bulletred:DAY: daiith
:bulletred:DEATH: nherode
:bulletred:DEMON: dahaabis
-demonic: haadis
:bulletred:DEVOUR: duvhuur
--devouring: duvhuur'naa
-devourer: duvhuurda'ziin
:bulletred:DIE: nhekro
--dyeing: nhekro'naa
:bulletred:DOG: kauuniida
-dog-like: kauunii'nar

:bulletred:EAT: gorzh
--eating: gorzh'naa
-eat (of animals): duvhuur
--eating (of animals): duvhuur'naa
:bulletred:EDIBLE: gorzh'all
:bulletred:EYE: akhuulna

:bulletred:FATAL: nhekro'wo
:bulletred:FERAL(v): kridhurr
-feral(n) dekridhurr
:bulletred:FLESH: karezhna
-fleshy: kare'st
:bulletred:FRIEND: da'komra/na'komra
:bulletred:FRUIT: hakorat

:bulletred:HANDSOME: seduurro
:bulletred:HELL: dahaadarus
-hellish/unholy: haadis
:bulletred:HELP(v): abraatus
--helping: abraatus'naa
-help(n): deabraatus
--helper: deabraatus'ziin
-helpful: deabraatus'woll
:bulletred:HURT: nervin
--hurting: nervi'naa
-hurtful: nervin'wo

:bulletred:INFANT: hakraadl
-infantile: kraadhik
:bulletred:INJURE: nervin
--injuring: nervi'naa

:bulletred:KILL(v): svladorr
--killing: svladorr'naa
-kill(n): dasvadorr
--killer: dasvadorr'ziin
:bulletred:KNOW: simil
-knowing: simil'naa
-knowledge: similaade

:bulletred:LABEL: nomen
--labeling: nomen'naa
:bulletred:LIFE: hesdraanim
:bulletred:LIVE(exist): sdraamim
--living(v): sdraanim'na
-living being: hasdraanim'ziin
-living(adj): sdraanim'nazhd
:bulletred:LOOK: akuullos
--looking: akuullos'naa
:bulletred:LOVE(v): llumor
--loving(v): llumor'naa
-love(n): melumor
--lover: melumor'ziin
-lovingly: llumor'st
-loving(adj): llumor'izd
:bulletred:LUST(n): mellumorrtis
-lust(v): llumorrtis
-lusting: llumorrtis'naa
-lustful/lusty: llumorrtis'wo

:bulletred:MEAT: karezhna
-meaty: kare'st
:bulletred:MONSTER: veenda
-monsterous: veen'zin
:bulletred:MOTHER(n): na'maathin
-mother(v): maathki
--mothering: maathki'naa
:bulletred:MURDER(v): svladorr
--murdering: svladorr'naa
-murder(n): desvadorr
--murderer: desvadorr'ziin

:bulletred:NAME(n): henomen
--one who names: henomen'ziin
-name(v): nomen
--naming: nomen'naa
-nameless: nomen'miin
:bulletred:NIGHT: nokarr
:bulletred:NUT: ha'aakor

:bulletred:PARENT(n): hanomiius
-parent(v): nomiius
--parenting: nomiius'naa
-parent-like: nomiinik
:bulletred:PAIN: danervin
-painful: nervin'wo
-painfully: nervin'zin

:bulletred:QUOTE(n): hevook
-quote(v): vook
--quoting: vook'naa

:bulletred:RAISE(parent): nomiius
--raising: nomiius'naa

:bulletred:SEE: akuullos
--seeing: akuullos'naa
:bulletred:SIGHT: akuullosde
sightless: akuullosde'miin
:bulletred:SPEAK: vook
--speaking: vook'naa
-speaker: havook'ziin
:bulletred:STAND: erenk
--standing: erenk'naa
-stance: da'erenk
:bulletred:START(v): nkhor
--starting: nkhor'naa
-start(n): henkhor
:bulletred:STATE(v): vook
--stating: vook'naa
-statement: hevook
:bulletred:SUFFER: agoniir
-suffering(v): agoniir'naa
-suffering(n): degoniir

:bulletred:TALK: vook
--talking: vook'naa
-talker: havook'ziin
:bulletred:TEENAGER: bhuuha
:bulletred:TOOL: habratus
-tool-like: abratu'st
-torture(n) degoniir

:bulletred:UNDERSTAND: simil
--understanding(v): simil'naa
-understanding(n): similaade
:bulletred:UNDERWORLD: dahaadarus
:bulletred:UNHOLY: haadis

:bulletred:VEGETABLE: haherrb
:bulletred:VIEW(v): akuulos
--viewing: akuulos'naa
-viewable: akuulos'abll
:bulletred:VIOLENT: svadorti
-violently: svadorti'wo

:bulletred:WINE: ha'vhenhun

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